Langford Developer Sued for Millions

Sysco Victoria, part of the multinational food conglomerate Sysco Corporation, is seeking millions of dollars in damages from developer Les Bjola and his partners for breaching a development contract, WTF Langford? learned this week.

An online search of the provincial court registry confirms that the BC Supreme Court complaint, filed in Vancouver on June 17, calls out Bjola, partner Vance Walle, Emerald Park Estates, and Wilfert Holdings development company for a long list of expensive failures at the site of Sysco's new food distribution warehouse at Goldstream Meadows. The warehouse site is located in the industrial park (a former wetland) just west of Langford Lake near Amy Road, West Shore Parkway, and the TransCanada Highway.

Sysco charges, among other things, that the developers did not properly prepare the site for construction and failed to meet the basic requirements of its contract. Damages are close to two million dollars and costs are still mounting, the complaint says.

Bjola and Walle are being sued individually for "misrepresentation."
Ouch! If successful, this action may spell the end of Bjola's ambitious career as Len Barrie's right-hand man and the driving force behind the billion-dollar Colwood Corners fantasy redevelopment.

Read the whole scandalous complaint here. (Disclaimer: none of the allegations have been proven in court yet.)

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  1. Good catch.

    I recommend that you send a copy of the statement of claim to the CRA as well and ask them why someone would purchase property for $8M and then sell it a few days later for $6M.

    The potential fallout is much greater than you state. League Assets had bankrolled Colwood Corners to the tune of more than $10M from their REIT. Watch the dominos fall.

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.