We're sorry, Langford

All of us here at WTF Langford? Headquarters send our deepest regrets. We failed you. Despite working around the clock for months, plowing through mountains of city documents, and risking permanent brain damage from prolonged exposure to Langford's mayor and council, we somehow missed the big story that was right in front of us.

We're sorry that Len Barrie defaulted on the interchange loan. (Maybe he hasn't defaulted yet, but WTF does "postponed indefinitely" mean exactly?)

We're sorry to hear that Bear Mountain is on the verge of financial collapse.

We're sorry about the five-to-ten-million-dollar hole this leaves in the city budget, and in our pockets. We're sorry about the five million dollars more that everyone in the province paid for this mess. We're sorry Langford is trying to screw everyone in Canada for $32 million in new construction costs.

We know it's not our fault, but we're very sorry that we didn't bring this to your attention sooner. After all, Barrie's repayment date passed six months ago. How could we miss that? How can we call ourselves Langford's top gossip-mongering muckraker scandal-rag now? What happened to us?

And we're really really sorry for being so damned right all the time. Really. Langford city officials and their developer buddies keep fulfilling our lowest expectations and worst predictions. We wish they would prove us wrong, just once. We would be delighted to be wrong! Maybe then we could stop yelling, "WTF Langford? We WARNED you this would happen, you smug hypocritical BASTURRRRDS!"


  1. I guess the next headline with be "city engineer John Mason retires". How dare he speak to a civilian about internal city matters? How dare he suggest that the city has spent $14M on the interchange rather than the $6M quoted by council?

    Obviously this man is not a "team" player!

  2. Langford - one of the most corrupt Cities in Canada, with residents who seem willing to take it up the ass without complaint - condemning those who speak the truth.

    Like the residents of Smallville, Langford has their own super hero - Zoe Blunt - who, without thanks, fights Langford's forces of evil.

    Bruce Dean
    Professional Recreationalist

  3. Dear Mayor Stewie Young,

    Regarding your desires and intentions towards Zoe Blunt, "I'll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up."


    ...You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Bruce Dean
    Professional Recreationalist

  4. I lived in Langford for 12 years until one day I stood in my backyard and screamed "Get me the **** out of here!" All the trees in the 10 acre lot behind me were logged off for development and the blasting crew blew our chainlink fence out of the ground (twice actually)
    Fearing for my sanity I packed up and moved up island. Zoe Blunt, you are my hero. I love this blog! I am a big big fan.

  5. geat informative article, lots of easy access information and, as usual, keeping it "light" with that great sense of humour!

  6. Canada Revenue: look under this rock and you'll find worms. Self dealing, theft and corruption start at the top at BM and all the loyal, long-time insiders are getting their cut.

  7. Keep the corruption going! Langford looks much better in the last decade with all this so called corruption taking hold. I'm fine with the small tax increases, new building, new parks and roadways. I'd rather not go back to being the joke of the Victoria area, Dogpatch no more!

    I'm sure I'll hear about all the abuse residents have be subjected to, but I bet if you took a poll the majority would still support council/mayor as they have for some time.
    Election results confirm that most of Langford are in favor of these corrupt businessmen.

  8. Langford will always be as it was..........a dream on dogpatch. Thanks to Lillian six pack all of your business is known to Stewie through her constant snooping and making herself the center of attention