Social Networking with Mayor Stew Young

How cool is this? Stew Young, our very own mayor-for-life, has mastered the hot, hip, new social media of blogging and Facebooking! Young has forged bravely into the second millennium and started up his very own blog on Blogger, where he personally posts summaries of exciting City of Langford press releases. For example:

New Sports Field is a Hit

and in case you didn't get it, here it is again:

New Sportsplex Will Benefit a Growing Community

Yes, the new Sportsplex will "fill a void in the region for bowling enthusiasts." How admirable is that? But it gets better! Someone has created a Stew Young Fan Page on Facebook! And it's been up since February! Let's check in.

Congratulations to Stew Young - winner of this year's WTF Award for Excellence in Social Media!

(Update: The fan page pictured above has been DELETED. Well, if you can't win, don't play!)


  1. He now has one fan. I guess you got the word out haha.

  2. That was me. I felt badly for him.

  3. WTF Langford, you should have a look at Colwood, it seems to me you are missing a huge opportunity to slander a bunch of politicians there.

  4. Love reading your pages WTF. Has anyone figured out what Jim Hartshorne has on Stew young. Westhills seem to get all they want from langford and stew all the time. those two are joined at the hips.