The Mad Hatter's City Council

Most of our 2010 forecast was bang-on: Bear Mountain fell apart. The silly steam clock and toy train planned for the roundabout got scrapped, and there were more big drug busts in Langford. But who cares? That's all ancient history, now.

Above: Stew Young in the mayor's chair 
What lies ahead for Langford? 2011 is the Year of the Great Reckoning -- the year when the bills come due. We know this from the subtle signals of our beloved city council, like the non-stop gnashing of teeth, stamping of feet and screams of "Off with her head!" The omens are troubling, and our outlook is guarded.

Has Mayor Stew Young already lost his mind?

During the last council meeting of 2010, His Worship reportedly spent an hour and fifteen minutes ranting incoherently at two retirees who attended to raise concerns about Transportation Planning the Langford Way. Who can resist our Mad Mayor when he's delivering a feature-length monologue of cranky bluster, mostly about his love for himself and his disgust for anyone who disagrees with him? Meanwhile, a couple dozen councilors, developers, staffers and residents looked on in amazement or desperately wished they were elsewhere. For 75 minutes. AWKWARD.

Our panel of esteemed political science experts has one question: Who DOES this at a city council meeting? Seriously - in Canada? It's possible that in places like Corruptograd, the Republic of Absurdistan, the mayor gets to lord over his fiefdom with this sort of compulsive arrogance. But in North America, such embarrassing displays of rank intimidation are (thankfully) almost non-existent. (Except here. Welcome to Langford!)

Has Councilor Denise Blackwell already lost HER mind?
Denise Blackwell (left)
For some reason, on Christmas Eve, Councilor Blackwell decided to tell the newspapers that a local non-profit group is to blame for the Bridge to Nowhere. That's right, it's NOT because Council made a stewpid decision to borrow ten million dollars and then let some sketchy developers skip out on the bill. No, it's the fault of the people who warned them that the whole business could go south and leave taxpayers holding the bag. And those people should all STFU and MYOB, ASAP.

Have the mayor and council fallen through the looking glass into a Bizarro World where everything is opposite and upside-down? Does the mayor STILL believe that he can get federal and provincial grants for a developer-funded project? Is this 2009 all over again? Is Langford turning into Las Vegas? Are we stuck in some horrible downward spiral into madness? Only time will tell!

Don't miss the next exciting Langford council meeting! On the agenda: Stew Young recites Jabberwocky in an annoyed monotone while the Walrus, the Carpenter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum look on, and Denise Blackwell shouts "Off with their heads!"


  1. Did not Mayor Stew pronounce to the whole world that if the Interchange was not built it would kill Langford's economy?
    One of the countless foolish and irrational statements that he is allowed to get away with for some mind blowing reason.
    I am Hoping and Praying that we will elect a new Mayor soon. Level-headed,educated, respectful,respected for integrity and knowledge, and, oh yeah, present.
    We deserve way better. My kids deserve a better.

  2. If you have not yet seen this:
    Caution: may cause urine to leak into your underwear as you remember what web sites looked like in 1988!

  3. What's with the address given on the website?

  4. I just finished my house hunting trip, and after putting in an offer on a house in Langford, came to realize the city doesn't provide garbage collection...?!? And property taxes and very close to similar houses I looked at in Victoria proper.
    1. WTF.
    2. Is it true the mayor owns one of the major garbage collection companies? How convenient.
    3. What exactly do municipal taxes go to? That free wi-fi network? I'd rather have my garbage picked up like most 21st-century cities.

  5. I can't seem to find a profile or name or even a pic of the person who writes this blog...
    hiding behind your words?

  6. This last election in Langford...less than 14% bother to show up at the polls. Wow.
    Some say it is their happiness with the status quo.
    Some say it is lack of Mayor and Council making people feel like their vote would make a difference. After all, it's who you know in this town that will get you elected.( That's the sad reality) And heavens knows, that if you have lived here for 30 + years you are a shoo-in.And if you run against them, well, try having that kind of pull.
    God Himself would have to come down and hope for the best!

    Shame on the people of Langford for not even bothering to show up when the rest of the world struggles to have this right.

    Shame on Mayor Stew Young and his Peons for not even bothering to engage the community.

    I have lived here for more than 18 years and have never had a candidate show up at my door.
    But I have shown up at Council meetings and when I have voiced my opinion with respect and intelligence have been insulted and demeaned.

    I have since handed over this town and disengaged from the democratic process...other than vote.
    It is too exhausting and useless and demoralizing. Good luck to all the new development that will no longer be new development when that 12 floor condo comes to call.

    Ultimately, history will look back and make a pathetic example of all. Enjoy your legacy.Because in the end Bowling Alleys close but great and moral leaders inspire and create real communities, you know, the kind that do not get "created" overnight?... and have more than a 14% turnout.
    Community is about people, real people, and not about treating your town like a Monopoly Board.

    If you have seen the number of people pleading at Council meetings not to destroy their homes with allowing a crazy subdivision permit it would make you ill.

    But all is well in Langford...because all the new development has not bothered to vote and all the established community has left one by one...other that those in mayor and Councils pocket...and they make sure that all 10% of them vote so their coffers are filled.

    Waiting for the day my home will be worth enough to move...

  7. I heard that a local business named EVO Games was run out of business in Eagle Ridge arena by the Operators. It was a youth oriented gaming centre taht positioned itself as a safe zone for teens and all ages. My friends took thier kids there all the time and couldnt say enough good things about it. Apparently the operator had a problem with the type of clientelle it was attracting ( namely young teens) and bullied the owner out of business and leaving the arena. Sad times when a youth facility operator is in place and does that to a much needed outlet for youth