Ding dong, the Wicked Witch is semi-retired

Good news for old bones: Langford City Councillor Denise Blackwell (left) has retired from the BC Archeology Branch, the department that gave Langford developers permission to blow up a million-year-old cave and 8,000-year-old native graves. Earlier this year, the same department gave the order to withhold the archeology report on South Skirt Mountain, according to Blackwell's statements at a public hearing. This despite the law that requires these reports to be available to the public. For shame! Oh wait, this is Langford - where elected officials have no shame. Carry on, then!

Blackwell's last day as Administrative Assistant was Friday, May 30. Her replacement is Julia Taylor. Blackwell stands to collect a provincial pension to go along with her federal pension and her Langford City Council salary.

Meanwhile, the top-secret archeology report for South Skirt Mountain is being re-drafted. A plane crash from 1967 is now designated a heritage site, putting the whole South Skirt Mountain development on hold.

All we can say is, the Archeology Branch has pretty strange priorities when plane wreckage from the sixties rates more protection than sacred caves and native graves.

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  1. As usual this article is full of inacurate statements. It just goes to show you how pathetic this site really is. WTF Langford? I think "What a Bunch of Fuckin Losers Envious of Langford" is more accurate.


  2. Canada Revenue: look under this rock and you'll find worms. Self dealing, theft and corruption start at the top at BM and all the loyal, long-time insiders are getting their cut.