White People Artifacts Delay New Development

Breaking news! (That happens to be TRUE this time!) It seems the proposed South Skirt Mountain development is on hold (for a week or two, maybe) as contractors map and survey the steep bluffs on the western edge of the hill for the wreckage of a 1967 plane crash.

WTF Langford? got the tip from alert observers who spotted the consultants skulking through the brush near the gravel pit north of Amy Road. Now journalist Ross Crockford confirms that the area is listed as a provincial heritage site.

Last year, Crockford, a contributor to Victoria Boulevard magazine and other fine local journals, visited the crash site and interviewed the families of the two men who were lost. The report and photos are posted on his blog, Unknown Victoria.

The plane was a water bomber piloted by Alex Davidson and Paddy Moore, the Flying Fireman. They were answering an emergency call about a fire near Goldstream Park on a hot day in July when the plane went down.

"The plane crash site is technically considered a protected area for heritage protection," Crockford said. He explained that every plane crash and shipwreck site gets a provincial designation that sets a two-kilometer-wide buffer zone around the site as a protected area.

What next? If the developers don't get a waiver that allows them to develop within two kilometers of the site, it has been suggested that they should create a memorial park and leave the crash site undisturbed.

And the 8,000-year-old grave sites on the mountain should get the same respect. Amen.


  1. Simple solution, just get Len Barrie to blow it up. Th crater can then be used as a pond for a new golf course.

  2. This Site is a hilarious joke, like Inside Langford, it's just another attempt to discredit successful Community leaders by a bunch of low-life scum, who probably don't even live in Langford. Are you going to be running for Council in the next election too? Get a job loser.

  3. i agree with anonymous