Rail Trail Fail

Log it, pave it, call it a "Green Initiative"

Overheard at the E & N Trail bike path Open House in October:

Langford resident: "Where are the trees? I don't see any trees in these plans."

Langford staffer: (Chuckles and strolls away)

Langford's latest "environmental initiative" is a fresh new clearcut 15 meters wide and 300 meters long (and still growing!) Heavy machinery lumbers backand forth in a massive rut along Atkins Road and the railroad tracks between Veteran's Memorial Parkway and Savory School.

A thriving little second-growth ecosystem has been stripped out - garry oaks, hemlocks, cedars, berry bushes and all.

Overhanging branches from large trees on neighbouring properties were ripped down by the excavator operator. Many Granger Road homes now have a fabulous view of Atkins Road across the tracks, unobstructed by greenery or privacy.
Last summer, the railroad right-of-way was a shady and pleasant path populated by thrushes and finches. Next summer, it will be a dead strip of asphalt baking in the sun.

But don't be alarmed! This "Green Intitiative" only looks like they're building a new highway to nowhere!

(Psst: you're doing it wrong.)


  1. All I can say is WTF? What is with Pavement EVERYWHERE? The problem here is that Langford is "trying" to appeal to everyones needs yet the people designing/building this path obviously aren't the same people that actually walk or ride anywhere. Langford is the biggest pain in the ass to get around. Roads are extremely wide, shops are spread out and require driving between if you don't want to get RUN OVER in the parking lots. It's completely crazy. I guess on the positive note once they use every piece of useable land they will have no choice but to use the space more efficiently.

  2. I have oftened wondered if anyone at City Hall actually walks or cycles this community. No offense, but one only has to look at the size of most Council members ( let alone some of the planners) to get the impression that they might only have a map knowledge of Langford.

  3. Thank goodness for no trees. If the rail trail were attractively adorned with lush foliage I would probably become confused and disorientated as to where I was. Luckily, I know that when surrounded by barren uglyness I'm definetly in Langford and thus will never get lost on this trail ever!

  4. If you don't like it move to Port Renfrew. Clear cutting? WTF are you talking about? Do you mean the black berry bushes, an invasive plant not native to the island,? Is this the clear cutting?

  5. Anonymous there are at least 4 species of Blackberries on the Island 2 which are native. And no that's not what people are complaining about. Yeah let's all just move to Port Renfrew, that will help.

  6. Well seems this issue needs to be on WTF CRD not this washed up WTF langford. This is a CRD project and judging by the number of comments on any of the posts I could say this is funded by pacman as it would be just as misleading as the post.

    This place is a broken record bitching about Len Berrie and is grasping for things moan about.

  7. Sorry, no. This piece of pavement is the proud legacy of our very own Deputy Mayor.

    "At the recent Parks Open House at Langford City Hall, Langford Councillor LANNY SEATON informed me that 'I convinced them to do a demonstration section.' He has been advocating for a less expensive way to build bridges across the few sections of the E&N right-of-way that require it, which would allow the Rail Trail to follow the train track all the way up until it meets Atkins and Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. The current plan of the society behind the Rail Trail is to route trail users onto the Galloping Goose, then up steep Wale Road, and finally down Goldstream Ave. until meeting the trail again at the corner of Goldstream and Veteran’s, until such time as an economical way to build the several bridges needed to traverse the View Royal sections is agreed upon."

    Is this a Rail Trail to Nowhere? Yes! But take heart, Lanny and all are still deciding how much it will cost you to build some overpasses to move bike traffic more efficiently. Seems the developers who promised to pay ofr all these wonderful amenities got holes in their pockets.

  8. So I'm guess you won't be on this CRD made trail? Too bad :-(

  9. Also here is the CRD link for the CRD rail trail not the Langford rail trail as you think it is. Your comments about developers with holes in their pockets just doesn't make any sense. CRD is funding this Trail.

    Maybe you should run for Langford council so you can stop this "Langford Trail" but me thinks you tried and failed.