Len's Scuttled Butt

Poor Len Barrie. First, Vancouver Island's most racist developer didn't get his bailout, then he defaulted on his debt to Langford, and then came all the accusations that he stole millions and millions of dollars from his Bear Mountain Resort. Now we hear he's lost his hockey team, all his potential investors have fled, and he's facing the ultimate humiliation: the dreaded RevCan rectal probe.

The Globe and Mail reports that the Canada Revenue Agency is going after Barrie for allegedly not paying taxes on the money he allegedly stole.

Ex-Lightning co-owner subject to probe
David Shoalts

Len Barrie is still listed in the Tampa Bay Lightning’s media guide as a co-owner of the NHL team, but those close to the team say he is out of the picture.

His financial problems with the Bear Mountain golf resort and housing development near Victoria were severe enough to scuttle his attempt to buy out fellow owner Oren Koules in late summer. Now it appears as if the problems will worsen.

In the wake of a damning report by the company’s former auditor that accused management at Bear Mountain of misappropriating funds, a source said Canada Revenue Agency is looking into the development’s finances.

Barrie, who was accused in the report and by a member of the development’s executive committee of improperly financing at least part of his share of the Lightning with Bear Mountain funds, did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. c'mon, everyone together now ......

    1 - 2 - 3

    WAHOO !!!

  2. Can it be much longer before we see a big "for sale" sign on the big house on the hill?

  3. Most people don't realize how little information the CRA needs in order to justify opening a file. 90% of their cases come from anonymous tips. They do little, if anything, to actually validate that the information provided is legit before they start digging.

    The fact that the CRA is investigation a business then means little. Odds are that some disgruntled employee, creditor, or even competitor sent in a tip and the CRA is taking a look.

    Len's problem is that details aren't his fortay and he now has a $50K a year Government employee with "little man syndrome" looking up his kilt. No doubt they are going to find something.

  4. Can you please change your blog to WTF Len Berrie? Why does this blog have such a hard on for him?

  5. Len Barrie is a perfect example of what is wrong with our society: greedy, corrupt and selfish. His few and far between charitable acts are well publicized in the local papers and tv and are more about public relations for Bare Mt (or personal tax credits) than any true interest in helping the less fortunate in our society. What ever happened to the Ronald McDonald house that Barrie promised a few years back? He got lots of favourable press for that one.

  6. It's a pretty good game actually. The charity gets lots of exposure and the celeb never really has to cough up any dough. Ask Ian Thow about his donations to the VGH, Victoria Police, or Royal Roads. Better yet, ask the charities why they never bothered to tell the people who donationed funds that the primary benefactor never followed through with his/her promise.

    It is called a win-win-lose. Celeb wins, charity wins, John Q loses.