Dear Anonymous: Since you ask...

Anonymous writes:

"the residents of Langford love their Mayor and Council, how else do you explain 6 terms for Stew Young and the overwhelming results for the Council in the last election, hello?"

Well, Anonymous, apparently a whole lot of people really don't love their Mayor and Council, and we've had so many "hot tips" in response to this question, it's like a dozen family-size cans of worms got upended in the WTF? inbox all at once. We had to call in the WTF? strategic response team to investigate this slimy mess. Let's just say we have some questions about the last municipal election.

Inquiring minds want to know:

- Despite Langford's population growth, extra polling booths and long long lineups on voting day, the official tally says the total number of votes was the same as the last election. Surprise! Could it be that hundreds - or even thousands - of votes were never counted?

- Did the chief electoral officer actually make the opposition's scrutineers leave before the election tally was finished? If so, why?

- Were the ballot boxes, in fact, left unsecured at City Hall after the advance polls, and left unsealed as the scrutineers were hustled out the door?

- Were the Diebold vote-counting machines rigged to lose votes? (Vote-rigging has been reported elsewhere.)

Yes, this mayor and council are still seated at City Hall, despite their apparent unpopularity. Strange rumours indeed! But it seems none of the challengers filed a complaint, so what ya gonna do?

WTF Langford? welcomes your questions, comments, love letters, hate mail, threats, etc. Don't be shy!

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  1. There were two polling stations in Langford - Millstream Elementary on Hoylake Ave. and Ruth King Elementary on Jacklin Rd. There was no way to tell whether people voted at one or both of these stations which should cause concern.

    That is one of several anomalies that need to be changed before the next civic election. Paper ballots are needed too because Diebold machines can not be trusted. See: