Were they lying then, or are they lying now?

Who's lying - Bear Mountain Resort or the BC Liberal Party? New revelations and contradictions about Gordon Campbell's big expensive thingy last year at Len Barrie's mansion have tongues wagging across the West Shore. Sean Holman, Victoria's own Public Eye, has been reporting on the controversy since the story leaked out last year. Here's his latest report:

The Fundraiser That Wasn't There
May 08, 2009

Last year, Bear Mountain spokesperson Trish Lees told us a group of local businessmen organized a $10,000 per plate provincial Liberal fundraiser at resort developer and former National Hockey League player Len Barrie's residence. But the party's latest annual financial report - which is supposed to list all of its fundraisers - doesn't include any reference to that event. So why is that?

Well, because it wasn't actually a fundraiser, according to Liberal communications director Chad Pederson. "I've talked with our accounting staff and I've learned the function that you're referencing was, in fact, a thank you dinner for those that had made previous contributions for showing their support," he said, adding "there was no cost associated with (attending) the dinner."

So what about Ms. Lees's statement that there was? "The woman that you're referencing in your original story wasn't a representative of the party, she didn't have a role in the dinner's organization. So I don't know what she was referring to in her previous comment about that," Mr. Pederson responded.

Um, so - the Liberals decided they would wait until now to issue this clarification? Sure, that's believable!


  1. I suspect that with Bear Mountain finances sinking like a rock and all of the speculation / gossip surrounding the characters, the Liberals decided that it was more prudent not to take the money and try to distance themselves from the whole affair.

  2. Isn't there another party out there with union ties and a history of coruption, lies and stealing? I think they are called the NDP, the No Direction Party.