Straight from the horse's ass

Sean Holman from Public Eye captured this memorable moment with Liberal Juan de Fuca candidate Jody Twa, who apparently believes this election is sewed up so tight, no one even needs to bother voting!

"One of the things I thought when I took on this job was 'Is this riding winnable?' And I would not be standing here today if I did not absolutely believe this riding is winnable. And when I look out tonight and see how many people are here and I recognize so many. And I know how hard this community works - how hard the Westshore works - I've changed my opinion. This riding is going to be like a machine. If we build up to May 12, it's just going to be like a machine that gains momentum. And the day May 12 comes, the work will be done. They'll be no reason to even vote in this riding because we'll have worked so hard that we'll be elected." - Jody Twa, September 4, 2008.


  1. A look back at the 1990s, when the NDP drove British Columbia’s economy into the ground, the same NDP that John Horgan was a top adviser, the same Joh Horgan who has done squat for the community in the past 4 years, the type of people who are loved around here.

    • Unemployment soared under NDP:
    Under the NDP, between 1992 and 2000, BC ranked last in private sector job creation per capita in Canada. BC also suffered the highest unemployment rate of all the Western provinces...every year from 1991 to 2000.
    • NDP raised taxes by $2 billion:
    After promising they wouldn’t raise taxes, the NDP do just the opposite by raising taxes nearly $2 billion, giving BC the highest marginal income tax rate in North America. And real Disposable Income dropped every year between 1991 and 1997 (down 6%), and did not get back up to 1991 levels until 2003.
    • Bankruptcies soared under the NDP:
    While bankruptcies across Canada fell by 13% across Canada between 1994 and 1998, they rose by 12% in British Columbia under the NDP.
    • NDP never met an operating deficit they didn’t like:
    During the 1990s, the BC NDP brought in eight consecutive budgets with operating deficits and doubled the province’s debt, helping earn them the dubious distinction of two credit rating downgrades and the worst fiscal record in Canada.
    • Economy drove people from BC:
    It got so bad during the 1990s that British Columbians left in droves to find better opportunities elsewhere. BC lost an average of 10,000 people a year to other provinces, and in their last full year in government, nearly 14,800 people left BC.
    • NDP policies drove forest industry costs up:
    The BC NDP’s Forest Practices Code – with more than 4,500 regulations contained in 252 sections, 19 Regulations Books and 38 guide books – added at least $1 billion in costs to the forest industry for no public benefit, making the coastal industry the highest cost producer of timber in the world. Between 1991 and 2001, 39 BC mills closed.

    • NDP thought jobs grew on trees:
    NDP Premier Glen Clark “ordered” the forest industry to create 21,000 new jobs over five years or lose timber-cutting rights; 13,000 jobs disappeared.
    • Remember the NDP’s Hydrogate?
    The only power development the NDP invested in during the 1990s wasn’t even in British Columbia. The NDP forced BC Hydro to invest in a power project in Pakistan (Raiwind) that ultimately failed, costing taxpayers $11.4 million and earning the name Hydrogate.
    • NDP failed to deliver health care promises:
    The BC NDP promised health care facilities for communities across the province, but never delivered. The Jimmy Pattison Pavilion at VGH sat nearly empty for a decade. The third floor of GR Baker Hospital in Quesnel sat empty. A new hospital was promised to Abbotsford, but they never delivered. A Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenay Mental Health Facility was announced four times, but they never delivered it. However, they did find money to build fast ferries.
    • False promises:
    In 1998, the NDP announced a $125 million, seven year mental health plan. Two years later, the government admitted they hadn’t funded it. “While it was announced, it was never in a budget. There was no budget approval,” Penny Priddy, former NDP Health Minister, Vancouver Sun, April 2000.
    • NDP cut nursing jobs:
    To try and control health care costs in the 1990s, the NDP eliminated nearly 1,600 full-time nursing positions between 1993 and 1997. They also failed to create even one new medical school space.
    • NDP closed hospital beds:
    During the 1990s, the NDP closed 3,580 beds in 10 years in hospitals across BC – a reduction of 29% of the total available beds and a reduction of 42% in the number of acute care beds per 1,000 population. However, they doubled the number of private clinics, including the Cambie and False Creek Surgical Centres.

    • Wait times increased:
    Under the NDP between 1996 and 2001 wait lists for hip replacements increased from 8.5 weeks to 17.9 weeks and for knee replacements from 11.8 weeks to 21.6 weeks.
    • NDP left a fiscal mess:
    When the NDP were finally tossed out of government in 2001, they left a fiscal mess with a $3.8 billion structural deficit.

  2. all the more reason to drag the whole sorry system down. they're all crooks, no matter what they all themselves.

  3. My oh my, what a disappointment. Barrie and Bjola lose by more than 20%. I guess it wasn't locked up or winnable after all. Stew must not have worked that hard on the campaign as clearly all the people who love him didn't vote with him.

    The Liberals won't take Barrie's money and they cut Twa loose in the middle of the campaign. Time must be running out very quickly.

    Tick, tock.