Google Street View comes to Langford

The Google Street View people drove all over Victoria and Langford last summer. Let's see what they photographed!

Welcome to Langford!

Florence Lake boardwalk

Tim Horton's

A $7 million Bear Mountain property

The interchange ....

Wait ... The images are a bit distorted, but it looks like there's a message on that bridge, doesn't it?

Oh dear! There are two messages. The second says "Stop Sprawl." (Either that or "SStop Sprawrawl.")

Well. This confirms what we already knew -- Google is in league with hippy leftist enemies of progress. And these scoundrels are MOCKING our city's efforts to wipe out graffiti, native caves, and rare species.

Mayor Stew Young has a personal mission to stamp out the evils of graffiti by throwing the book at young offenders. But oops! Now, thanks to the Google conspiracy, everyone in the world has to see these horrible, anti-social messages defacing our glorious Bear Mountain Interchange, which is Young's pet project. Is he going to let these elitist outsiders get away with this outrage? Hell no!


Update: some have complained that they went to Google Street View and couldn't see the graffiti. Click here and follow the instructions for the best viewpoint.


  1. Looks like the graffiti removal team was out cleaning - Street view now shows the bridge to nowhere is now squeaky clean.

  2. Or someone on this blogg added the "graffitti"