Leave Jody Twa#$% Alone!

Look, people, since I was nine years old I've had to deal with this joke about adding a T to the end of my name, and I'll tell you what, it's not funny anymore. There's only one T in my name, OK? Just because there's a big blank space on the campaign sign begging to get filled, don't do it. These signs are expensive and my financiers can only afford to buy me so many. It's just plain mean, and calling someone a "twa#$% waffle" in public is probably the most tasteless thing I've ever heard, so please stop it.

Let's talk about real issues, like my role in Colwood's "economic miracle." Er, well, actually, I have nothing to say about that. But those sign vandals really make me mad.


  1. It all seems to be coming together - I think the bloodsucker on the left is the same guy who doesn't feel he needs to pay his bills. He wasn't smiling then. He must be getting tips from the head bloodsucker in case he is handed a seat. Freaks of nature!

  2. I can't understand why Mr. Twa wouldn't pay his bills, didn't he like sell his booze parlour for 3x what it was worth?

  3. Apparently Jody owns Jacks Place on Bear Mountain! Has no respect for homeowners on the Mt and lets the band play loud enuff to wake rhe dead! Such a jerk!

  4. Jody Twa is a wonderful businessman and politician. For those of you claiming he doesn't pay his bills, I'd love to know where you have accumulated such information.

  5. Jody was a wonderful Mayor for Colwood, and everything was going very good for Colwood; ratepayers and business community until the mini-me son of a car salesman got elected. That's right Dave Saunders undid any good the Jody had accomplished in his nine years in just one term. Jody's time in office was a golden era in Colwood political history when there were qualified and intelligent people on Colwood Council. People like Hugh Bryce and Ernie Robertson. It is noteworty that the first three years in office, Jody served as defacto Mayor with backing from a majority of council when Colwood suffered through a big fat flop of a mayor Beth Gibson, who almost gets close enough to being in a tie for Colwoodd's worst ever mayor with Dave Saunders. So for those who continue to attack Jody, remember his time back in politics will come. We could use him back in Colwood again to undo the damage done by the green party mafia who rule the council today.

    1. The above was actually sent by Ernie Robertson