Bear Mtn Resort to Get the Torch?

Today's rumour is all about the OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY to the 2010 Games, starting in Victoria on October 30 and passing through Langford on October 31 – HALLOWEEN!

According to INSIDER GOSSIP, the city of Langford has proposed that the torch relay should go up to Bear Mountain Resort.

Yes, it seems that mayor Stew Young would like to bestow yet another undeserved gift on Len Barrie, the beleagured owner of Bear Mountain Resort on Skirt (Spaet) Mountain in Langford. And make no mistake, this is a HUUUGE present - the endorsement of the world's largest sporting event, and a million-dollar marketing advantage.

Who else is boosting this Torch Relay to Bear Mountain concept? Keen observers say that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are in bed with Len Barrie. They note last year's $10,000-a-plate Liberal Party fundraiser at Barrie's castle on the hill and suggest that the gift of the Torch Relay is the party's way of saying "thank you." (Although it sounds more like "f#$% you" to us.)

Oooh, can you just smell the power and money and burning Olympic dreams?

… Or Not?

HOWEVER! Like the attempted bailout, we predict this little s#$%storm is not going to materialize. Why? Let's just say we know people. People with morals and the power to use them. And we should point out that people who destroy native graves suffer the consequences.

One consequence for Barrie is getting called out as "Vancouver Island's Most Racist Developer." Does anyone think the province's "New Relationship" with First Nations supports presenting the Olympic Torch to the man who willfully destroyed a million-year-old native artifact?

In any case, it would be stunning to see a couple thousand zombies march on Langford this Halloween. Or will the spirits of the dead rise and take revenge on the greedy ones who desecrated their graves?

We expect an official announcement about the Torch Relay route later this week EVENTUALLY. Stay tuned!


  1. Doesn't Stu have anything better to do than stump for Barrie and his BM crowd? How about getting us a budget so we can figure out how much this mess is going to cost us taxpayers?

    I agree with the post in the past section that other than Langford and Highland councillors, no politician wants anything to do with Barrie or his mountain.

    Most of the rumours are so outrageous that I have a hard time believing that they are true, but which public figure wants to take a chance with their career if and when the poop finally hits the fan?

  2. Wow, I have never read so much trash in my life....the residents of Langford love their Mayor and Council, how else do you explain 6 terms for Stew Young and the overwhelming results for the Council in the last election, hello? Except for a handful of losers (Zoe Cunt and friends) the majority of residents are satisfied and continue to endorse them. I sense this is a case of accomplishment envy, Young and Council continues to accomplish great things and the losers can only react by attacking them with inaccurate and slanderous comments, what a pity!

  3. Anonymous is so right! There is so much support for Young and council that others don't stand a chance, election results tell the tale. Obviously there is a lot of jealousy in the air, those without success will attempt the stop others from taking credit for acheivements.
    I know the site is supposed to be a joke, but it really is a joke! ENVY?

  4. I believe we should stand up for our selves and our town if these scandals keep happening lets get a new mayor and council.
    Vote for change in 2012

  5. Anonymous is correct regarding the 6 terms.... but perhaps it is due to the fact that Stewie is in bed with the developers. He has his own little coke-snorting mafia gang who scare the crap out of many of the residents. He sure as hell isn't getting the mayor's seat for doing a good job! Too bad the good-guys don't have the same power and $$ to force their way in, cuz someone needs to save Langford from total destruction.

  6. "... little coke-snorting mafia gang ..."

    Yes, you mean the little coke-snorting mafia gang that attacked the demonstration on the highway last year? They told everyone they were working for Langford on the interchange project, but IN REALITY the little coke-snorting mafia gangsters were working for Len Barrie and Les Bjola, as we found out later. Fair comment, though! And for all we know, there may be a whole bunch of little coke-snorting mafia gang lords in Langford! Only time and a thorough police investigation will tell. Stay tuned, and thanks for your input!